Members must own or be affiliated with a dance school or academic school

Our services are for dance educators (schools and studios) only.

In order to verify you are a dance educator, please email the required documentation to

If you are a DANCE STUDIO / DANCE SCHOOL, we require one (1) of the following:

i)  Voided business check (business address must be printed on check); or

ii)  Copy of voided imprinted deposit slip; or

iii)  Copy of business license; or

iv)  Studio website URL. Must be submitted from the owner’s business email address. We must be able to verify the contact via the provided website.

If you are an ACADEMIC SCHOOL, we require a letter on official school letterhead with the school’s address imprinted on it stating the school would like to open an account. The letter should include contact information of individuals authorized to use the account and be signed by the director of the department.



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  • Required phone number format: ###-###-####
  • We'd like to learn a little about your dance school/studio by checking out your site!

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